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How many people will see my advert

On average WitneyTV gets well over 6000 unique visits (and 10,000 visits) to the website per month (that's around 300 people per day). Most of these visits come from the Oxfordshire or surrounding area and on average 3-4 pages are viewed per visit and visitors stay on the website for around 3 minutes. In the past WitneyTV has had some major scoops that have gained national exposure which can boost traffic even higher

Why Advertise with us?

  • Targeted regional West Oxfordshire audience
  • A chance to be associated with an established brand and leading light in the community
  • Get your brand and message out there to a relevant and community engaged audience
  • A local TV station with national recognition, reputation and exposure
  • Weekly updating of content and videos encourages a high volume of return visitor

How much does it cost and how does it work?

We have tried to keep it simple with homepage or inner page advertising packages and various sizes and prices to fit most budgets. You can buy any number of adverts for any specific months so you could for example:

  • Buy 1 slot for one month on the homepage
  • Buy 2 slots on the inner page in advance for the summer months (to coincide with a marketing campaign)
  • Sponsor the entire website and have a prominent banner visible throughout all pages

Is there a discount for Charities?

Yes charities can claim a 25% discount - please email us for more details

Can I have different adverts showing at different times?

If you have bought more than one month we can set it up so you can show different adverts in different months. Please
prepare and send through all the adverts in one email and we then set everything up to run automatically.

Can I buy an advert for 12 months?

Yes, simply add an advert for each required month to your basket and pay the total amount when you proceed to the checkout

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